On reflection


Two good things have already come out of my exhibition in Isligton Exhibits. One is that I am now the proud owner of 11 extra wide bright white panel doors. After considering giving them away or storing them in my parents’ locker, which would have practically amounted to the same thing, I decided to cram all 11 in my studio and live with them for a while.  The second thing is that, since the show, I’ve been thinking more seriously about how my work will be viewed and building that into the process of how I make my work.

Partly it’s because there are a couple of opportunities to show my collograph prints this autumn and so I have to get the work ready for that, but mainly it was the experience of working out the show with Fiona. She got me to think about how I wanted people to see my work, from how I imagined people might move around the space, down to the width and height of the individual panels.  Everything was a choice and by the time the installation came, I had never thought more about how my work could hang together and the effect it would have on how it was read.

Today, I have been looking at these prints of skittle packets and I realised that I could size each one as a 6 x 4. As I’m playing with the infinitely reproducible the connection to the postcard photograph was pretty welcome and cut down to 6×4 the prints became far more purposeful than when they had been surrounded by a large-ish area of white page. And, how’s this for kismet, not only did the doors fit surprisingly well into the studio, they are the perfect backdrop to view my newly cut prints on.