Exhibition Diary


21st July
The walls in the hallway and studio are lined with doors. I am painting one side, waiting till it becomes touch dry, and turning it over and painting the other. My cat is hiding under my bed. I don’t think she likes any of this.

22nd July
10:08 Text to Charlotte
Managed to do the final coat on all the doors, both sides, this am and I’m at Leicester square now on my way to work – Good God y’all! X

12:55 Text to Charlotte
I was goofing on adrenaline earlier – completely knackered now and hours to go before I sleep – enjoy the day X

23rd July
Met with Fiona and George, who is going to fix the exhibition walls together, to run through the layout and the order of the hang. It really messes things up that I’m not there tomorrow until 3.30pm. I’m worried – just worried about everything and everything not working.

At the library I feel, and I know that this is corny, that I’ve lost my vision of the work. After planning it for so long and then in the last few days the precision of my installation notes included A4 colour print-outs of the order of display, the day before the actual hang starts, I can’t imagine how it will look. The late nights and early mornings are not helping and I think legal stimulants will be the order of the day from now on.

24th July
09:48 Text to Mum
Hi mum, there will be a break from 12 – 1pm and you can call me anytime! I can’t think of a place that sells white cotton gloves / art handling gloves but if you do, pick up two pairs and I’ll pay you back – otherwise don’t worry about it! Thanks again vx

(much later)
Wowee, they hang every drawing! The layout is brilliant. Chris and Peter at the Library let us leave one board in the centre, which makes all the difference. At least I hope it does. I don’t think I was taking it all in, even when I was looking right at it. At the end of the day we worked in pairs. My mum and I were lining up the drawings and using blue tack to attach it to the walls. Fiona and George followed hammering pins into each of the corners. I’m still tired but this is a world away from how I felt when I was waking up at 6am on Sunday morning to paint the doors before going to work. It’s like I’ve been swimming lengths in the pool and I’ve just turned over and am lying on my back, and I’m letting the water and the natural buoyancy of the human body take me where I need to go.

25th July
Finsbury Library is closed.

26th July
Today’s the day. I’ve not completely finished. This afternoon I have some pencil marks to rub out, some tacks to hammer in and a dress to change into. The exhibition opens at Finsbury Library from 6pm.  See you there.