At the end of the month, I’m off to get reacquainted with Suffolk following the residency and exhibition there last year at Landguard Fort.  I’ve been invited on a short rural residency by the artist Fran Crowe and will be staying here for a week. I am bound to 1. fall of my bike as I cycle out to the coast and rivers 2. get lost trying to find my way back and hopefully 3. think and draw lots. I first met Fran through her exhibition, Walking to save some sea, at Landguard Fort and she also came to one of my viewing workshops. At the end of that we sat on the roof, looking at the bricks in the fort and the colours of the container boxes and talking about how similar they were in shape, colour and perceptual size. I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

I’ll have the full dates and locations for my show of drawings at Islington Exhibits in the next week. On Monday, Fiona Parry, the curator, came to my studio to look at the work and talk about the show.  We went through the inventory, which makes her maybe the 3rd person to see it all. She is writing something about my work for the festival so we also talked about the work that I’ve made in the past using textiles and found objects, and the paper prints that I’m working on now.

It was lovely, which might be easy for me to say as there is a certain amount of self absorption and “But enough about me. What do you think of me?” when you invite someone to sit in your studio and look at your work. But, we drank tea and talked about other projects that she has been working on, we both admitted that we hadn’t finished Perec’s ‘Life: A User’s Manual’, and although I forgot to bring out the biscuits, I did remember to remove the litter tray.