The highlights reel


The dream is James Lipton leaning forward in Inside the Actors’ Studio and saying to Francis Ford Coppola ‘And then you made Apocalypse Now.’ In the world of happy ever after, those six words skip over any number of negotiations, disasters, dirty tricks and lucky breaks, and jumps to the end when he’s receiving the Palme d’Or and going ‘what, me again?’ At this point, James is not speaking to Francis, he’s reading a bedtime story (literally as it aired on paramount at about half twelve in the night) about how it all works out in the end.

The reality this week is that I was shortlisted to show in a major space but didn’t get selected. Between the maybe and the no, I did however start to make a lot more work (never underestimate the power of a little external validation), which is how I’ll tell it to James if he ever asks.