Here are some images from ‘Inclusions’, the exhibition that I was selected for at the Stone Space in Leytonstone.

According to the organisers, the idea behind the show was to ‘celebrate the work of artists whose work straddles genres’ but even with that caveat, the exhibition is far more unusual than I had expected. When I went down to the space, it felt that on one level, the only thing that the work had in common was that they had nothing in common, and the general view is one of visually strange bedfellows. But on the other hand, each work has been really thoughtfully placed, and I found myself enjoying finding connections and making alternative readings, including of my own work, in response to the way these works have been presented in the space.

The gallery has only been open for 6 months and I think in that time Eleanor Bedlow, Jeff Cox, Gillian Swan and Carne Grifffiths have put together a phenomenal number of projects, mainly off their own back. They are the sort of people who would come under the heading of those who ‘make things work’ and as I regularly sit under the heading of those who ‘plan to make things work,’ I was really impressed and very pleased to have been part of it.

These images are courtesy of another exhibiting artist Silvia Krupinska who photographed and made a video of her thoughts about the show!