Newly Enjoying


I saw this video piece by Samuel Williams at the Bloomberg New Contemporaries last week and I liked it so much that I stood and watched it all, and if you watch a lot of contemporary video art then you’ll know that that’s not as easy as it sounds. However, its proximity to the start of the exhibition, added to the fact that there was a painting next to it by Selma Parlour that I also rather liked, made me doubt my first impressions as generally I like to keep up a hauteur or disdain as I wander through the opening rooms of an exhibition, as much as to say I repel your facile attempts to sway me Mr or Mrs Curator, and I increase this to skipping the first two rooms altogether at anything that can be described as a ‘Blockbuster Show.’ Having checked it out again online though, I still think it’s very silly and also a little poetic.

The image is a link to his website and the video itself.

We are the Robots by Samuel WilliamsWe are Robots © Samuel Williams 2010