If you go to, you will find a whole group of pages hidden on my website which show my project work including the recent commission for Great Ormond Street Hospital and artist residencies with lots of examples of other people’s brilliance, which I can’t take the credit for, but I’d like to anyway!

Admittedly this is not so hidden as having to tap Esc, Alt and Del while hovering over a favicon and then filling in a 16 digit alphanumeric code. In fact, the address is on my contacts page and on a number of other websites too, but as I don’t include it on my general navigation bar, it makes it as close to having a lamp-post behind a wardrobe or a set of doors hidden behind a¬†bookshelf, then I’m ever going to get.

Animation still

Still from Animation Course at the Cartoon Museum

I have also updated the portfolio and biography on my website having pretty much spent the best part of the month so far getting my fingers stuck into some serious code meddling. And so, onto a good thing, and adding to the general esprit of getting things done, I am proud to say that this month I have crossed off from my long list, no.97, update LinkedIn profile, no.94, photograph all 152 drawings of the objects in my studio, which means I will soon be able to do no. 74, publish index as part of The 152 Project on issuu, and most impressively, last week, no. 39, buy smoke alarm. As currently, I am on no. 226, prepare for Outset session at the NG, you can imagine how long I’ve been avoiding that one.

Now probably because of this, my website stats are up this month, but for those of you who read and came back, thank you!