Stupidly Pretty


When I wrote a blog in December 2009, painting myself as a wordsmith, it was meant to be a humourous riff on two seemingly contradictory truths, 1. that I find it near to impossible to talk or write about my own art and 2. that for the overwhelming majority of my professional life, I spend it talking about everybody else’s. Over the last year, a third truth has emerged, which is that verbs have turned out to be more my thing, then I would have guessed. Here’s some of what is to come in January 2012.

Happy New Year!


The Maker
A short, short story on process, form and outcomes. An excerpt will be included in ‘House‘ my entry for 2012’s Sketchbook Project, and the full work will be shown in the Spring

Fold, Crumple, Twist
I’m running a series of frottage workshops at the National Gallery. If you do this already but have never crumpled and made a rubbing from a sheet of tracing paper, I suggest you do it – it’s stupidly pretty.

I’m working with the British Museum around the Grayson Perry exhibition so all things pots along with enamels, glazes and incisions will be seeping into everything else that I do. The project ‘Ideas for Experiments Term 2’ starts at the Camden Arts Centre and most of what we’ll do will centre on the raw stuff too. It’s not the first time that I’ve taken over their ceramics studio for less than traditional purposes and I’m really looking forward to it.