Artwork at Great Ormond Street Hospital


Are We Nearly There Yet‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’ Installation at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Printed vinyl, 2011

Check out my Axisweb page for more images of this artwork called ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’ commisioned by Vivienne Reiss at Great Ormond Street Hospital, for the teenage recreation room.

In my initial proposal to the hospital, I was interested in the different ways that the rec room was being used by patients and visitors to the hospital. This was not just for waiting but for consultations, relaxation, distraction, comfort, escape. I suggested that we create an artwork for the room exploring the idea of belonging through the objects that we carry around with us and how we use them within different spaces and settings. The final artwork would be the result of discussions and drawings made by patients at the hospital over a series of four workshops, which I led with the incomparable Jenny Watt.

I don’t know if you’ve ever asked an 11- 19 year old what their favourite object is, but I guess I should have seen the answer coming.

Original Artwork

Drawing Survey

Survey Drawing

Original Artwork

Survey Drawings