Filler episode


If you’re not rushing to Felixstowe to see The Circus, which opens this Saturday, this weekend is also the opening of the magnetic exhibition Rairities 2011 on the gates of  Hastings and St Leonards Pier and the Magnet Open Art Project in Concord, New Hampshire.

What is a magnetic exhibition, I hear you asking? It’s an exhibition of about 250 artists work that have been printed onto a magnet  Over here,  it’s organised by Alban Low and in America, it’s Tom Hosner, who has got together 250 artist works, and in the two shows, three of them are mine. On Saturday 27th, depending on what side of the pond you’re on, everyone and anyone is invited to go and pick one that you like and take it home. I can’t make either but if I were in Hastings, I would have chosen no. 101.

Tonight, I just watched The Pantaloons perform the Canterbury Tales at Landguard Fort. It was open air theatre, they sang lots, did the puppet thing where the puppeteer is on the stage but somehow it’s still works, and managed to do all the characters from a cast of 6. I managed to stay warm by judicious measuring of when to add additional layers and it was all very good. Two thumbs up.


PS Why aren’t you rushing to Felixstowe?