It’s been 71 days since the New Year


Its been 71 days since the New Year.  Gulp.

Its been 30 days since I stopped checking my statistics on c-panel.  At first it was rather gripping stuff.  I had visits from Argentina and Brazil and a big crowd from Canada and I was having more unique visitors then I have friends.

Around 87% of the visits to my site stay for 0-30 seconds and I’ve decided that it’s not so interesting anymore.

It’s been 22 days since I broke my glasses.  They were a moulded black plastic with a slightly rounded bottom. I think I may have sat on them.

It’s been 18 days since I had the entire week off to work in my studio.  I learnt these exciting new things about me:

1) I’m a morning person.  Although outside it’s still bitterly cold in the way that this February has worked out, inside with tea and toast and cigarettes, the sun has had all the optimism of a new notepad.

2) I’m not an afternoon, evening or night person.  By two or three, the bright potential of the morning sun is working it’s way down, which mainly seems suited for napping.

3) Colds can be caught by talking about them, if you’re me. After a brief conversation with a friend, she mentioned that she got a cold when she finally had some time off.  On the first morning of my week off, I had a raging thirst for orange juice and by the end of the week I had worked my way through two boxes of tissues.

4) I made my best work of the week on the last day, which was annoying but it was still good work.

Its’ been 10 days since I got my new glasses.  The first night I wore them I had a spot above my lip that got more attention, but given that the spot has gone, and only my mum has noticed without prompting, I’m putting it down to the fact that they are black metal with a slightly squared bottom.

It been 7 days since I made the 100th drawing for my inventory. It was of a strip of wood covered with sandpaper that I used once to cut a mount for a drawing.

It’s been a day since I brought a new notepad.  I love the feeling when my notes at the start of the book meets the ongoing to-do list at the back, but then it’s a crippling 30 minutes in the stationers looking for a new pad.  With sketchbooks, I’m religiously brand loyal, but with my notepad I go for variety.

This time I brought a a shortie Pukka Pad which is already a little too big for my bag but I’m enjoying the novelty of feeling like Clark Kent when I’m writing a shopping list.

It been 7 weeks since I last had a full weekend off and I’ve made plans.  To start, I’m going to do a massive spring clean of the flat.  I’ll empty the fridge, pull out the shelves and waste quantities of soppy water trying to clean the crisper drawers.  I’m going to throw away the thin, used to be white shower curtain and make the speckled blue tiles in the bathroom gleam.

And I think that about catches us up.