I was planning for a big night out


I was planning for a big night out.  The sort of night that tells its own zany story through what you find in your coat pocket the next morning, the sort of night that makes the worst hangovers feel worth it like the ache after doing some healthy physical exercise that lets you spend the next day lying on the sofa feeling lazy because you’ve earned it.

And I needed it because signs suggest that there’s been a creeping circularity in my life of late, and I mean a small circle, which has gone further than not posting for well over a month but has extended to other areas of my life, except for cleaning the flat, which I seem to keep up with frightening regularity. 

The Signs:

I’ve started to not turn up to things, with reasonable excuses, hungover, ice on the road, flu, but put all together seems to suggest that I haven’t bounded into the new year with arms full of resolutions, and the spirit to keep them.  I don’t think I even made them.

I’m working in my studio listening to the melodious sound of Simon Callow reading PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves in the Offing.  This may not be note worthy in itself but the weird thing for me is that I listen to it through about three times a day, every day.

I’m watching a little too much television and it being cable a lot of it is repeats and I’m watching the repeats while eating a stew that lasted for about three days.  I did mix it up by cooking noodles with it the second day.

I really enjoyed watching the darts championship and am now into watching the snooker.

So the big night out, last night, seemed to be the way forward.  

I’m having a big day in today with a headache and lots of TV.  And I’m starting to find my circle bijou and picturesque.