Week Two


Week Two of making an inventory and I’m starting to lose the little faith that I had, in the idea. 

I’m doubting the size of the paper, 30cmx30cm, the colour of the paper, brown, the thickness of the paper, parcel paper, and the composition, different objects in one drawing.

This Thursday, I finally got round to writing a list of all the things in my studio.  I started to make choices as to whether I could just write the quantity of paintbrushes or did they need separate entries, quantity, and what I wanted to record about these objects, how I used them, the condition they are in, where I kept them.   

I could have made this list at the beginning of the project but I decided to ignore the ‘stitch in time’ rule for the chance to grab the first piece of poorly sized, poorly coloured, thick paper at my reach and start a drawing of my chair and for good measure, my coat. 

Four pages later, it doesn’t bode well.  It’s as if my entire approach to this enterprise, and I shall proceed to compare it to a journey, was to plan mainly for the first train ride.

Two good books, one light, one serious

One Ipod, charged

Lunch and various snacks

Layered clothing, in case train is warmer or colder than I think

And I’m off. 

But at least, if I were on the train right now, looking out of the window while not thinking about the luggage that I hadn’t packed, I might have some idea as to where I was going.