A is for alphabetical lists


A is for alphabetical lists – this seemed like a good idea when I started.

B is for buying milk for what promised to be a long day in my studio and getting there to find one teabag was left.

C is for feeling like Cinderella because I missed my own private view this week, and of course it was the best night ever.

D is for Danny.

E is for getting an electric shock doing something silly with the metal bit of a bulb after I had broke the glass part off.

F is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which was playing on the screen at a birthday party, and which I watched for a good ten minutes with the sound off, but not missing a line.

G is for Graphic Arts, which I still think is pure arrogance on the part of painters that makes it term for all other 2D picture making.

H is for a book on Hornsey Art College in 1968 which I’m reading at the moment.

I is for I can’t play pool, but as a throwback to my students days, and I couldn’t play then, is still fun.

J is for Jesus by A N Wilson, which I’m reading next.

K is for Keith Tyson or Yayoi Kusama who I’ve been talking about all week.

L is for listening to One Day in Your Life sung by the late and great Michael Jackson, produced by Sam Brown in 1973.

M is for microphony which is a word and an instrument.

N is for nicotine addiction.  I stopped quitting and just downgraded to cheaper cigarettes.

O is for ouch on the brittle thorny plant with no leaves, which is also probably dead, that I lugged into my studio to draw, but mainly prick myself on.

P is for paper, 100 sheets of non-standard heritage board, wrapped in brown paper, that I couldn’t resist.

Q is for Quesillados that I watched someone eat and still don’t know what it is.

R is for rejection letters by email.

S is for swine flu.  Two kids have it at my niece and nephew’s school and now someone who is working at the gallery.

T is for tights, and thirty two pairs of black and neon pink and green fishnets of various designs that I’m pulling over shapes made from willow.

U is for umbrellas and the best storms viewed from my window in my studio.

V is for venison sausages in tomato sauce that were gorgeous.

W is for wine, always red, and something I drank too much of, too often this week.

X is for xylophone, of course, which was also played by Max and Darcie at their family concert.

Y is for a yellow dress that I brought because I had vouchers for my birthday, which only half worked out because the dress didn’t come from that store. 

Z is for Zzz falling asleep on the sofa in the middle of Jonathon Creek.