If you go down to the street tonight


If you go down to the street tonight, but it’s more like a side street that’s only good for a few drag races; but in this case you see lots of nicely dressed people, standing outside drinking beer out of plastic cups, and talking animatedly, you may have walked into an open evening for new galleries in the area.

And if you go further with me down this hypothetical walk, and you enter one of those galleries, you may pick up a press release or an artist statement at the door; and although it may be, wholly well meaning, it will also probably be full of total nonsense, the sort of writing that lets you feel the pains that the writer has gone to, in order to say the most simplest of things, in the most confusing of manners. 

And I include myself here.  Readers to this blog before may have had to jump over the gaping grammatical holes in my text and shuddered at the frequently hyperbolic language in this blog.   

Or just took issue with the fact that I write stuff like ‘gaping grammatical holes’ and words like ‘hyberbolic’. 

But I would like to suggest that I, and other artists, have nothing on some of the arts professionals who post jobs and residencies and commissions and exhibitions in arts listings.  Welcome to my world this week.

$25 Application Fee
No payments offered or fees charged
£7 entry fee
Up to four submissions may be made for an inclusive fee of £20.00
Artists may submit a maximum of three works to be considered for selection. There is a £10 fee for each work submitted for consideration
Artists have to pay individual traveling expenses and working materials.

Artist run exhibition looking for experienced artists whose work would compliment the following themes: feeling lost, making sense of new surroundings, making sense of emotions, human interactions/ relationships.
The exhibition will be selected from work in all media, to create a diverse and multi-disciplined exhibition.
Open to artists working in the following disciplines: Drawing & Painting, Literature, Media Art, Stone Carving, Woodcraft.
Call for entries: Participate in the forthcoming exhibition, Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You, by submitting a letter of rejection.

We are looking for a number of dynamic professional artists who would like to promote their own work in a pilot scheme to enhance the vacant shop units in the town.
Applications must be ready to plan and carry out exchange activities with citizens, during their stay as Artist-in- Residence.
Festival exists to promote the best contemporary visual art and celebrate that art with the widest possible audience. ­ It is an arts event born of the creative community and based on a belief in the limitless potential of the area.
We are committed to helping artists and institutions that depart from the routine and signal new, distinct and imaginative sets of possibilities.

Artists are required to use the bursary to pro-actively discover new contexts for their work via the exploration of different approaches to socially engaged practice in the public realm.