Any News?


Any News?
Well I’ve mentioned the drawings.

What’s that thing that Steinbeck said about ‘Things of Mice and Men’?
It goes badly?

It was the anniversary of my blog on May 3rd.  My first post was ‘This is going to seem pretty weird for a while.’  In retrospect, I hadn’t imagined ‘a while’ lasting so long.

I’m using the only bread knife in my studio to dig out the clumps of putty rubber that are getting stuck in my shoe. 

Things I had in my diary and didn’t do:
Sunday morning: reading for Spectacle of Looking
Thursday eve: private view at young vic
Tuesday eve: private view at cartoon museum
Sunday eve: anniversary of my blog – write out something about it

I’ve been making large drawings scribbling, with a 2H pencil and then I use a putty rubber to work into the drawing and pull out shapes.  It’s pretty good but I’ve already got through two putty rubbers.