When it’s sunny, London looks so pretty


When its’ sunny, London looks so pretty from a bus window in a way that it never does when you’re on the street and the dust is in your face and there’s a greasy smell at odd intervals and you can hear people.  

I had a long bus journey and a short tube journey this week.  The bus first, No 19, Shaftesbury Avenue to Highbury Grove. 

At first its’ about getting settled in.  I’m happy to have a window seat but now I’m waiting to see who will sit next to me and hoping that they will be normal.  There’s a slightly sticky patch on the floor just under the seat in front and a coke can, but they aren’t necessarily connected.

I put my music on as it’s one of those days.

Interesting looking pub called something like the Greyhound on Theobalds Road has tables outside.  There’s a sign for lunches that I can see as the bus waits at the traffic lights, saying sandwiches and wraps, daily specials and pub classics served from noon.

A small boy on a bike is drinking from a carton and riding with one hand.  I’ll see another person do that today and think its a pattern.  The song that is playing catches me by surprise.  It’s something to do with blue but called Peach, Plum, Pear. I daydream for a while.

A woman is carrying a child on her left hip with another who is pushing a pushchair.  The first woman shifts her weight heavily to the right side as she walks.  

You can see over the top of the hoardings of the Angel development at the corner of Upper Street and Pentonville Road.  It’s really big.  On Almeida Street there’s a chef smoking outside and I watch until the bus starts again and the sun hits the side of the buildings. I squint.

Tube, District Line, Stepney Green to Embankment.  I’m in danger of being very late.  It’s 10.03.  Next train is in 2 minutes.  Estimated time is 18 minutes.  I knew this but I check again anyway.

Cannon Street and Blackfriars Station are both closed, highly irritating for some, but cuts the journey time.  it’s 10.22 when I arrive.