I wanted a fishing net this week


I wanted a fishing net this week.  Possibly a mosquito net.  Or maybe one of those sports nets that are strung up from the ceilings of gyms holding basketballs.  Basically I wanted a net and I didn’t know what type, but I knew that I would know, when I touched it. 

After some time googling I decided to try a Snow and Rock in Covent Garden.  In Covent Garden I couldn’t see a Snow and Rock but there was a Scribbler in the building that looked like the picture so I went in there.  The staff at Scribbler suggested a Berghaus which was conveniently next door.  They had some mosquito nets, white polyester with a micro fine weave in a handy duffel bag, but I touched it and it wasn’t right.

They pointed me towards the London Graphic Store.  I was pretty certain this wouldn’t work (they had withies which I did need though) and a girl mentioned a nautical store on the corner of Neal Street.  She said that it sold lots of ropes, which it did, but didn’t know if they stocked nets, which they didn’t, but the man behind the counter didn’t dither when he gave me the location of Farlows.

This large imposing HRH crested building is a leisurely five minute walk from where I had left work three hours before.  They were clearly expensive but they did have the most beautiful nets.

They also had an attractive line of make it yourself lures that caught my eye including a golden pheasant skin (let me know if you know what fish that is for) and the point is, that I wouldn’t have found this place, even though I’ve walked past it a number of times, if the man from the nautical shop who suggested Farlows hadn’t been mentioned by the girl in the London Graphic Store and so on. 

Actually the point is that I’ve realised that when I want to buy an item, from a shop, preferably in the city that I live, and I don’t know the name, I never find it on google and I should stop trying.   When I got home I typed in a whole sum of associations to do with fishing and I still couldn’t find it.