I’ve already thought about how my blog would end


I’ve already thought about how my blog would end. 

It would be the 100th or 200th blog and I would handle it tastefully.  It would be funny but tinged with nostalgia and contain a quiet gravitas that revealed a bittersweet irony.  The last sentence would be short and piquant.  Three or four words.

I’d be living in a different place, have more grey in my hair and more lines around my eyes.  I would be wise enough to know that I had still a lot to learn but underneath my modesty I would know that I had been immodestly successful at everything I had done.

I didn’t imagine my last blog would never see the end coming.  I would run on ungrammatically like all the other blogs and then stop like a cancelled TV show. 

Looking back I guess I could wring a little pathos out of the last image – sitting on a train, reading a book, going in an unknown direction but we’d all see through that.

So clearly that wasn’t my last blog.  I just got a little caught up with the random stuff which doesn’t sound very interesting until you put them together in a random list.

Random list of what Viyki did:

Made a kinetic sculpture that didn’t really move
Scribbled and doodled in my studio
Brought six bunches of daffodils and four bunches of narcissus
Entertained buying a mis-matched pair of trainers because I really liked them
Went to every other shoe shop in central london and Hackney trying to find the same trainers
Talked to a jewellery maker about silver wire
Wrote a wordy blog with a quote by Plato in it but thought better of it
Turned 32