You can’t always get what you want


“You can’t always get what you want” he said.  Whether it’s because what you want isn’t good for you or  that it’s about fair play, I couldn’t work out.  I guess you can’t always get what you want because you would deprive someone else of what they want. 

So if you think about it when you don’t get what you want, someone else will get what they want or at least what you wanted.   This may not have been very cheery so he told me a few times that instead I might just get what I need. The problem is that this isn’t very cheery either.

What I need is quite basic; clean water, a nutritional quota of proteins, nutrients and fats which perhaps doesn’t include the humus extra with pine nuts that I brought this afternoon along with the Carrs crackers thinking of how well they’ll go with the stuffed olives and the brie sitting sticky in the fridge.

What you need is dressed up in most Romantic Comedies (it’s that time of the year, I had to mention it somehow!)  The premise there is that admittedly what you need is uninteresting and easily forgettable for most of the movie but in a generally easily foreseeable conclusion the one you need is the best one after all.

But the truth is what you need has got to work pretty hard to avoid looking like what no-one else wanted.

I’ve got a bit of spare time coming up and I’m hoping I’ll be able to work out something with these drawings that I’m making.  I’m getting a little compulsive about grades of paper and the right brands and the variations of the softness of pencils between.  It hasn’t worked yet entirely but I could believe that this extra time I get before Easter will be exactly what I need to push me through the corner. 

Maybe give me the time I need to think about that idea with the 16th Century Drawing.

I didn’t get a job this week that I really wanted and that I would have been working on till Easter.  She phoned me at half nine in the morning, which seemed promising, but she opened with ‘I wanted to get in touch to give you some feedback…’