I’ve been working solidly


I’ve been working solidly for the past nine days and I won’t have a chance to catch my breath, and for catch my breath I mean have a long lazy morning in bed, until the weekend.  In the meantime these are some things I’ve learnt.

Sunday – The best chance that I won’t go to a private view is if I put it in my diary – so far I’m 0 for 6 in the last month.

Monday – A 1.5m width roll of Fabriano paper is very hard to cut straight.

Tuesday – Does anyone know what Wagamama’s meals are going to look like when they order them?  This is more a thing I still need to learn, but the woman next to me never noticed that she had been given my order until a waiter mentioned it half way through.  And neither did I.

Wednesday –  It is possible to get from the National Gallery to Habitat and back again in 40 mins. 

Thursday – Most tree roots are in the top 3ft of soil and the majority of those are in the top 12 inches.  Add that the xylem and phloem that transport water and minerals through the tree are also just beneath the bark and trees are a lot more vulnerable than they look.

Friday – I love my drawings framed.  I shouldn’t wait until I’m showing them before I do this.

Saturday – When they say pickled gherkins on a Fish and Chips board they mean one gherkin. 

Sunday – When I’m winning at playing Yahtzee it feels a lot like skill.

Monday – The middle up escalator at Manor House Tube goes faster than the one on the side.  I was aware of a guy as we both stepped onto the escalator but half way up I realised he was about 6 steps behind me.  The difference in speed is very slight but still, I got there faster. 

Tuesday – Henry VIII had four wives.