“I can’t believe that on Christmas morning”


“I can’t believe that on Christmas morning you’re writing your blog – literally, take a day off” 

Charlotte, sitting beside me just said this, but I had one last thing on my to do list that I didn’t want to put off. 

Things that are put off-able are the pile of receipts and letters that I’ve opened but not done anything  about, the bill I was planning to pay when I got paid, which I did a week ago, the 22 emails still languishing half read in my inbox, the carpet I didn’t hoover and the bedsheets I didn’t change – I’ve decided that it’s important to start the New Year with clean sheets instead.

On the ticked side, the last present however has been wrapped – a box of 20 marlboro lights, novelty tetris-like packaging, shame about the banner text, black on white, ‘smoking kills.’

I’m eating a mincepie that I warmed in the oven, and drinking red wine.  Admittedly the last is less seasonal as is King of Queens on the TV which has been playing on paramount for the last two hours.

And I’m about to play with a shiny new toy which almost makes me as happy as the person who gave it to me. 

In fact I’m planning to start my day off right now but I just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas.