I can see why there might be confusion


I can see why there might be confusion.  I started this blog because I couldn’t write an artist statement for  the launch of this website, and that is not a reassuring start if you’re hoping for a well written screed each week.

I’d like to say that I can write.  In fact, verbs are my playthings.  I play, explore, look and use and my artwork will take the leading role as it signifies, suggests and examines.

But it’s the words that come after that are the issue and to explain this part of the block, you’ll have to know that I’m a fudger.  I can tell you that I’m an artist and that its my full time job.  But as for the hows and whys I start to look shifty and skirt around the edge.  

I’ve become a collector of words that can take the colour out of any statement like almost, practically, sometimes, generally.  Often is better than usual but quite goes with everything and just as good is pretty, rather and some.

I like to start at the beginning so initially, at first and primarily is the background information about the things that I do, which informs the bit that I do when I’m in my studio that is harder to explain.

This can be diverse and varied also but if I realise that I have yet to make any definite point then particularly, largely, predominantly aren’t principally meant to sidetrack any specificity although it has that effect quite often.

And if I can’t tell you what my work is about then I will tell you what it’s not about, so “my works are not merely an attempt to anthropomorphize these empty spaces or somehow suggest a rigid surrogacy between the object and the self.”  Nor is it about how long milk stays in my studio.

The first one is still live on my profile at AXIS.

So in short, this is my blog and although initially this was an attempt to write about my life as an artist I quite often get sidetracked and some of it doesn’t make sense but most of it seems true which I rather like and I’m pretty pleased if you’re reading it.