I have blisters on the palms of my hands


I have blisters on the palms of my hands, my fingers are bending stiffly, my shoulders hurt and I have a strange lump on the front of my foot.  To be more precise one shoulder hurts and the side of the neck on the other aches if I try to execute much more that a 15 degree turn.  My lower back hurts as well in the way that it does when you’re tired. 

This is not the blog when I tell you about how I suffer for my art but about the three things about the art of decoration that I didn’t know 7 days ago.

As a prologue, we have a perfectly fine flat.  It could do with a repaint sure and perhaps the floor is a little gross in a slightly sniffy, I don’t like plastic laminate sort of way but nothing that’s so terrible. 

Don’t confuse your artwork for a skirting board – one is about integrity of materials and the other is a skirting board that at best you may notice again in 3 years time when you stub you’re toe on it.  (I’m worried that this will be the only reference to art  and in putting it in quietens my fear that I don’t ever make anything anymore – read in the last 4 days.)

If you do ignore your mother’s advice to not strip back your skirting board and doors to the natural wood you will need much more paint stripper than you ever imagined and an extra trip to the store to pick up poly filler because paint stripper isn’t as good as it looks when it’s blistering on the surface.

Don’t wear sandals as slippers in case they catch on your air bed.  If you do don’t try to fix the hole with a patch from a bicylcle repair kit as they don’t work.