It is with a pleasurable feeling of anticipation


It is with a pleasurable feeling of anticipation that my fingers type in this familiar white box.  After the usual four attempts to type in my password because I’m still using the randomly generated password that almost necessitates me writing it down somewhere, I’m in and open ‘write post.’ 

But mainly to say sorry for the long pause and that this is a long overdue note regarding my absence.  Last time my blog heralded the start of a large summer project and the end of an era as I was moving into our new flat.  Pictures were posted, change was celebrated and now two weeks later I’m camping on the floor in my tiny flat and my internet supplier of choice (not for long) is going to take 20 days to connect my internet.

So I’m in an internet cafe watching out of the corner of my eye as the minutes are ticking down and the keys keep sticking so that backspace ends up erasing whole words in my impatience to say I’ll be back soon.

Big fans will be pleased to know that I have been writing in my sketchbook for the last few weeks pithy, portentous, in all likelihood verging on narcissistic notes on art and process and change – I’ll probably use none of it now but ‘ll start regularly posting from this weekend again.