I know that this looks


pen on paper, 841 x 1189mm

pencil on paper, 105 x 148mm

I know that this looks like the end.  I seem to be working abnormally fast at the moment going from the first flush of a beginning to the moderation of the middle to the point where I post some pictures and get a little maudlin, in less than three weeks. 

Of course that’s nonsense but I’m out of the studio for a while and we finally get the keys next week so all the junk that I’ve been lovingly recording will have disappeared by the time I get back.   We took about 70 photographs last week of all the bin bags and boxes but I know that however I use them, it will change the work.  The work you’re seeing anyway.

Still this is not a blog about endings although it may be about being knackered.  It’s been a full on week and although I’m not complaining, I feel as if I’ve been just about keeping up with this line that I’m making that has been multiplying across my studio.  I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of not seeing it so I can see it.