Mum I’m going to back a little later


Mum I’m going to be back a little later but let me know if thats ok xx

So the explanation to that, is that temporarily between homes at the age of 31, I am back living with my mum and dad negotiating the curfew.  In this case, it was self imposed but as I haven’t got a key fob for the door downstairs I was texting my mum to prepare her for the late call on the buzzer.

I’ve spent the weekend clearing out my mice infested humble abode and preparing for the next move, which has got me thinking about all the journeys that are happening around me.   I’ve met two, what I can only describe as crazy kids in love to avoid coming off as completely cranky, open halfway through the journey some very nice smelling salmon bagels wrapped in aluminium foil, a woman who had a inflatable neck rest that I would have paid her 100 pound for and considered my own journey routine, which is to write lists of everything from “white ‘charlotte’s’ vest” to “4 (with a box around it) socks” and also most recently it’s the journey through the exhibition

As I maybe, badly, tried to explain last week it is a very complex show but as the final weekend approaches Mel showed me a write up that Iwona wanted to put in to ‘frame’ the exhibits – a confusion being that it was hard to work out exactly what was going on within the time that it takes to read a leading caption and also possibly that it was hard to work out what work was by students and what was by artists.

lf you don’t like spoilers then stop reading but we did seven tours in total for the commission, we gave a tour of the Whitechapel gallery to eight students from four schools, and we were led around the four schools, the Whitechapel project which will be the new Whitechapel in 2009 tbc and the archive.  We made videos and sound recordings of the tour and the viewing circles, the audio guides and the projections in the exhibition were created from these.

So here’s the preparation for the exhibition; the whole exhibition was with students because this is what we largely do, sometimes with adults, children or others but yes, this bit was more us and the rest was more students.  This does work on you as you walk around but I have piles of books brought because I like to know more than I could work out at the time.  Or maybe it helps knowing which stuff that you can dismiss with indulgence and the other which you can rank as Art or not.

Either way I guess everyone needs to plan for a journey differently, same plane, train, automobile but the planning is where we reveal how we’re different – it’s about how we how we relate to the journey.  I’m easy on contextual information but in honour of the fourth pair of socks that I bet I never wear, take a risk and go barefoot.