Very late post this week but I am going to plead


Very late post this week but I am going to plead extenuating circumstances.  The exhibition at the Whitechapel opens next week on Wednesday and we spent the last week working later and later each day to film and edit the five DVD projections and sound guide which will nestle around other works from the year in the gallery.

We worked through the night on Thursday editing the work, which is in itself a strange process for a collaborative project.  All four of us were hunched around the mac staring at  video shorts of gestures and actions that we had watched and performed about a hundred times by this point.   But the nature of editing is that it’s at best a two person job and so I sat in between one with a clipboard on their lap and the other dozing intermittently next to me.  I drew.  The hands, the feet and in the end the pink of the sky as it turned the dark shapes outside the window into the balcony and plants that by this time, we were all familiar with.