This is a story


This is a story of a little girl a long long time ago who was very moody.  All her teachers thought she was a very bright child but she could be too serious and she did not play well with the other children.  This child would lose her temper very often.  One day she believed that if she could stop crying for three days that she would become magic like Samantha Stevens on Bewitched.  But her little sister told her big sister and they laughed at her and she cried.  This little girl grew up and found that she could control her temper.  She could even spend 4 days in a row without crying, sentimental adverts not included, and she learnt to play a little better with the other adults.

Except this week when I’ve been a complete grouch.  I can’t even complain about being hard done by.  I’ve got exactly what I want so of course you can see my problem.