The big tree and the elephant by Darcie Williams.


Once upon a time there was an elephant and she went to her grannie’s house and then she accidently didn’t see a big plant starting to grow.  And then she stepped on top of it.  So then when she went home her grannie wasn’t happy and then it didn’t grow into a tree and then they both wanted a big fight.  Then auntie viyki came along and took them both to jail.   Did you know that some auntie viyki’s can be policewomen and this one was an auntie viyki police and she took them both to jail and they wanted to all fight in jail but all of a sudden they were going to be naughty.  Then  auntie viyki gave them some food to make them be sleepy and then they crept out of jail because she forgot her keys and then they put lots of traps in the garden. And then she accidently stepped on one of the traps and she was trapped forever and and then she had a magic spell.