I’ve been getting a couple of comments


I’ve been getting a couple of comments that I don’t actually talk about art so this is a great week to start because I’ve got no excuse to. 

Surely the biggest thing that happened to me was the opening of the Creative Connections exhibition that we’ve spent the last three months working on, although strangely it feels like we made most of it in one never-ending week that preceded it.

It was a lovely night.  We hung out in the linking spaces lit by life size projections of people earnestly talking about something without moving their mouth, we pored over boxes of beautifully crafted absurdities and played with audio guides sometimes standing in blue vinyl circles on the floor, away from the cafe, and the open bar which must say something.

‘It’s a very complex show’ or ‘it’s layering’ but for me it’s an adventurous, messy show.  It’s dense and highly populated with different languages of looking and talking and recording how you see. 

And for those of you who comment by email, leave a reply or everyone will think I’m talking to myself!