It’s half term this week


It’s half term this week.  Great for teachers and peak time madness for artists like me.  I regularly lead art sessions with groups in galleries but in half term, I lead the same amount of workshops for families as I do in a usual month.  Despite this I decided to spend my one afternoon off helping a friend who was running an incredible art drop-in themed around the Wizard of Oz at the Southbank in the ballroom. 

A six year old child recognised me, such is the degree of prominence in the art world, but I decided against presenting my business card and showed her how to make the yellow bricks for the activity.  We were building a yellow brick road – bricks were made out of card and before they were laid into the road, each person wrote out a wish. 

Some were touchingly personal and one was a detailed drawing of John Terry’s failure to take a penalty.  I made one too but I’m not telling you what my wish was.