1 – I’m thinking so much about how to do it


1 – I’m thinking so much about how to do it – making little silverpoint drawings and scribbles and bigger scribbles, and then I start wondering if I want a little tissue but its’ all about the process with not much behind it.  We need something behind it

2 – I don’t know, I like the connection with the withies and I do like the quality of these

1 – Yeah, so do I.  But how much are you sitting here just trying to make the work you faintly remember or trying to make works that are half pictured in your mind?

2 – Is that a bad thing?  I want to create this quality


It’s pleasing

It’s a smudge, something you were doing four years ago. 

How come I’m me? What does that say about reasoning in my practice that I have this voice and you have yours?

Ok true, but we’re taking sides on thinking and making

Yep, and potentially why there needs to be a split and if there is a split between the two.

I think that the latter is moot at the moment because practice seems to be purely about making

Can’t making be thinking?

But then we’d need to formalise the process of the making – it can’t all be intuition or you’ll end up with flower painting after flower painting.

Haven’t we settled on ‘A Riotous Collection of Flowers and Animals’?  But true I have felt it hard to go beyond this.

See for me, there’s no drama or urgency, this is a problem for me.


Yeah, when I look around at the ministry photographs, our chairs, the work up for the TBE commission, I get drama, I get intent.  Where’s the intent here, apart from a certain excitement in the process?

So intent is thinking?

Intent is lacking because we’re not thinking.

2 – So what is the intent in those?

1 – Something is activated.

You’ll have to do better than that

We have to do better than that, but ok, there’s potency.

I’m starting to realise why we’re having such difficulty with intent

2 – Maybe it’s too early for this, this discussion, this thought.  Is it because we’re showing it?

1 – Oh most definitely, but I suspect that as we tend to stop around five in a series, it would have come up anyway

1 – We have a lot of good work

2 – I think so

But we’re flitting

It sort of looks like flitting

2 – We need a direction

1 – But to do that we’d need some intent